Benjamin Marshall is a singer-songwriter hailing from Columbus, Ohio. He just recently came out with his debut album, the Final Giraffe, breaking himself into the local music market with a diversified sound of folk, indie, alternative and pop - blended in with catchy hooks. His songs consist of a variety of different perspectives and topics that apply to the current world we live in, influenced by life's experiences, observations and conversations with everyday people. His main ambition is to compose songs that not only are relatable but are at the heart and communicate an avenue for the words often unspoken through everyday life.

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, he first found his love for music at age 11 when he got his first electric guitar ever. Little did he know that after this point, it would create a monster out of him - the passion to write and perform music. 

After college though, a discouraged musician/recording engineer was led to "adult" and took an office job that helped financially but not necessarily emotionally or spiritually. After almost several years of passive music involvement, it was time for a music resurgence for Mr. Marshall.

On a random night, he posted a Facebook status about potentially recording an album...not thinking about the work involved (and if we're being honest, probably seeking attention). Unexpectedly, there was a HUGE response on social media. Because of the response, he knew it was time to pursue this album - eventually raising over $1,500 through GoFundMe to help fund the album. This support was a way of holding him accountable - a way of making sure this wasn't just a fantasy. wasn't. The album was released and became a motivator for him to help others pursue their creativity - even if it isn't their career!

Most importantly, he realized the importance of using the gift of music given from God and sharing this gift with others through writing, composing and collaborating. Without the love of God or the support from this community, none of this would have happened.